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Residential Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Pick What Best Fits Your Needs

Two easy options to choose from:  Basic Plan, which covers your basic cleaning needs,  Deep Cleaning Plan, this features a thorough cleaning and our Recurring Plan, cleaning offers the best of both plans, as consistency is the key.  

Rotational Deep Clean

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In addition to our Recurring Clean services, Me & The Maids Premier Cleaning offers what we call our Rotational Deep Clean. We divide the rooms in your house into “wet”, “dry”, and “other”. Then each time we visit, we deep clean one room in each category, doing extra touches like hand washing the baseboards. Every room in your house gets regularly deep cleaned.

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Ours Recurring Plans Start with a Initial Cleaning fee.  After that, our expert cleaning crew will keep and sustain the cleanliness and tidiness of your home, just as you like it for an affordable flat rate. 
We offer free in-home estimates, so we can understand and accommodate your home’s needs expectations, and so that your cleaning sessions are customized to you and your home. 

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