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Our Services

Whether you need just the basics or everything - ceiling to floor, a Me & The Maids team has got you covered.


Dynamic Duo

Team of 2 expertly trained housekeepers.


Start on Time
End on Time

No arrival windows. No waiting around.


Best of the best

Housekeeping powered by state-of-the-art equipment.

Basic Clean

Need just the basics to get your home clean and fresh? We’ll dust, vacuum, mop, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, make the beds.

Deep Clean

This clean leaves your home sparkling from ceiling to floor. We bring ladders to start at the top of each room and work our way down, removing all the dust and dirt along the way.

Moving Clean

Make your move easier by having us do the cleaning before you move in or after you move out. We’ll clean and polish all the appliances inside and out, clean inside all the cabinets and drawers, scrub the bathrooms and remove all the dust and dirt from ceiling to floor.

Construction Clean

Renovations and remodeling require professional cleanup. Our expertly trained teams will bring top quality vacuums and hand wipe your surfaces with microfiber cloth to ensure every speck of dust is picked up and removed after construction is complete.

A Gift that Sparkles

Treat your loved ones to the joy of a pristine and refreshed home. A thoughtful present that shows you care, perfect for any occasion.

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