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We understand how difficult it can be to leave your little one at daycare. Rest assured that here at Le Doog , we understand that every dog is different and not all dogs enjoy the same activity.


Our daycare addresses your pups play style and temperament when picking out the days playmates, not just your pups size. 

While we love a good play session, we also recognize that dogs need some rest just like kids do.

We provide “nap” time breaks understanding that some dogs don’t realize they’re tired until there is a quiet moment, a soft bed and cool bowl of water. 

A healthy mindset is a happy mindset and your dog's mental health is just as important to us as it is to you.


A fun, physical play session will keep your dog's body healthy inside and out. Our interactive learning games stimulate your dog’s mind, helping them stay focused and remain sharp.


Our boutique style daycare will provide special care for each dog and structured play that will stimulate and enrich your pups day.


Le Doog will be your pups new favorite place!


It’s hard leaving your furry family member overnight.


We want to assure you that your loved one will be well taken care of. We have many ways for your pup to enjoy a fun, vacation stay while you’re away.

Boarding Options

  • Private suite - for our more reserved guests that want a spacious private suite

  • Sleep with me (per availability) - when you need that special cuddle in the middle of the night At Le Doog  we strive to keep our club members feeling safe, happy and loved. We treat each pup like they are family, because they are!


Prices vary for dogs who aren't fixed, depending on temperament and feeding

Dog Regular Full Day  $42

Dog Regular Half Day  $32

5 hours or less

Specialty Daycare  $55

Specialty Half Day  $45

Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up

Please inquire about extra charge

Family Discount

Each sibling gets 10% off


Prices vary for dogs who aren't fixed, depending on temperament and feeding

Regular Full Day $395   

Specialty Full Day $530

10 Pack

Regular Full Day $975

Specialty Full Day $1320

25 Pack


Free daycare included. Indoor & outdoor area. Spacious suites. Holiday rates apply. Checkout at 12pm on last day

Regular Boarding  $55+

Free Daycare Play Included

Private Suite Boarding  $70+

Free Daycare Play Included

Sleep with Attendant  $100+

Limited availability. Please inquire


Indoor & outdoor rooms with glass walls for sunbathing. Holiday rates apply for boarding

Cage-Free Daycare  $29

Private Daycare  $35

Cat Boarding

Anytime drop off, Check-out at 12pm (daycare rates apply after 12pm)


Kibbles Meal  $5

Our house food. Please notify us if your dog has allergies

Lunch/ daycare Feeding  $3

For any feeding requested during daycare or for boarding lunch

Dehydrated Chicken  $3

Sprinkled on top of meal

Gourmet Raw Meals  $9

Human Grade meal enhancer mixed with meal

Peanut butter $3

Medication Administration

Per medication for your pet

$20 / $25


Private Walk

15 min/ 30 min  $20 / $25

Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up

Available by reservation only


Birthday Package  $85

Let us throw your pup a fun Pawty while in daycare!

We will provide all the decorations for some Instagram worthy pictures.

We will also send a mass message out to invite all of your pups favorite pals to the party.

Includes pictures and videos of your pup playing with their friends in daycare. These photos will be posted on our Instagram.

Photos will be taken with balloons, faux cake, a happy birthday banner and gift bags. Please let us know a minimum of 1 week in advance so we can send a message out to your pups best pals.


Daycare fees not included and a edible pup cake can be added on for an additional charge.

Veterinarian Trips  $39+

cost of service not included and must be paid by customer. Depending on time or visit and length of stay,

price will vary

Supply Run  $39+

cost of items not included

Pet Pick Up or Drop Off - 1 way  $39

2 mile radius available by reservations only

We know how treasured your pets are to you. (Logo) (1).png

NOTE: Please reserve in advance during busy times, such as holidays.

BOARDING DROP OFF: 7:00am – 12:00pm (Everyday)

BOARDING PICKUP: 7:00am – 7:00pm - but after 2:00pm there is a charge for daycare.

Let's Talk


Your Dog

We know how treasured your pets are to you. (Logo).png
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